Improve your Posture with Yoga – Part 2

Belly Turning Pose

Belly Turning Pose

Use Belly Turning pose to help relieve tension in your kidneys and spinal muscles.
This will help you release stiffness and gain flexibility in your chest and shoulders. A wonderful warm up for the other poses in …

Improve Your Posture – Video Series-Part 1

Improve Youtr Posture

Improve Posture

Part 1 of Six Simple Poses to Improve Posture.

Siting long hours in chairs, driving in cars, stress and tension are some of the reasons there is so much poor posture today.

Lillah gives us 6 poses to …

Yoga: A Promise Among Unfulfilled Promises, by Aadil B. Palkhivala

The promise of the machine age was freedom. Freedom from a stresses of farming and milking, freedom from the bondage of cleaning and washing, freedom from walking and bicycling. The assurance of more time.

In the Presence of BKS Iyengar, by Lillah Schwartz

There are moments in the lives of those of us who seek truth and beauty that leave us forever changed. For yoga enthusiasts, one such moment was the recent Yoga Journal conference in Estes Park, CO. in September 2005 where …