Morning Leg/Back Warm Ups – Part 4

Here is part 4 of this morning warm up series.

When you co-ordinate your mental intention, your breathe with the physical action, then you have realĀ  power.

So remember to breath correctly while doing all your yoga poses.

This video …

Yoga and the Organic Body, Morning Leg/Back Warm Ups – Part 3

Knowing how to make your back feel good is great.

Try these two poses and see what happens.

In these exercises we are toning the whole front body to observe the release of the back body.

Pay careful attention to

A Better Way to Tone Up the Abs, Yoga Style

Here is a better way to tone up the abs.

It beats doing a bunch of sit ups.

This exercise was actually taught in a class called, Yoga for Back Pain. So this movement may be of help to people …