“Lillah has both the knowledge and the passion to fulfill her mission of helping others on the path towards Dharma, the very reason for the practice of yoga. I recommend Lillah with all my heart.” —Aadil Palkhivala, Purna Yoga founder and author of Fire of Love.

“Lillah’s students are taken beyond their own mental limitations of what they and their bodies are capable of. She offers an amazing gift: to teach people to trust themselves and their bodies again.” —Kimberly Drye, yoga teacher

Known by appreciative students across the country as “the queen of alignment,” yoga instructor and author Lillah Schwartz brings the benefits of her 30 years’ training with yoga experts, like BKS Iyengar, Aadil Palkhivala, Eric Small and others to the Southeast region and, through her workshops, to studios across the eastern and central U.S.

Her hundreds of hours of study in the U.S. and India with senior Iyengar instructors, makes Lillah one of the most accomplished yoga teachers in the Southeast region. She pioneered the Iyengar method in North Carolina from 1981, and held an Iyengar teaching certificate for 23 years. Lillah brings the science and spirit of Yoga Wisdom to thousands who have become pain-free from her alignment-based instruction.

Never more at home than in front of a group of students with diverse body issues, Lillah pulls a hip back by one inch here, has a student turn a foot out two percent there, and suddenly a miracle happens: the entire class is breathing together in the quiet joy of pure being. In this way, yoga becomes truly therapeutic and does its work of healing and nourishing a myriad of complex conditions and body needs. It is also at this place of alignment that the deep spiritual work of yoga begins.

Lillah’s workshops have enhanced and informed the instruction at yoga studios across the country. Wake Forest Yoga studio owners Marty and Sheila Gooch say, “Lillah’s expertise with alignment and anatomy makes each and every session a true learning experience. This expertise coupled with her uncanny ability to spot and correct what is holding you back in any pose are truly amazing.”

Says Lillah, “It is my heartfelt challenge to be in the front of the room and to feel and observe the effort students make trying to find some part of themselves, to get the pose right. The point in yoga is to seek out the resistances within and bring consciousness: light into the dark places. This requires focus and effort, no matter how you slice it. Their effort leads me to guide students to a deeper understanding of alignment, action and breath so they can release their resistance, love themselves, and discover their own inner potential.”

Under the light of Lillah’s gift for perception and profound knowledge of the science of the body, students wake up to the freedom born of alignment, and yoga’s deep spirit emerges. Says Lillah, “I have many students who come to me and say, ‘The teacher I had couldn’t help me with my SI joints, so I had to stop practicing because I hurt too much.’ Body issues like these can be strengthened and healed through yoga. Your teacher needs to have deep experience in muscular action and alignment balance in yoga, along with compassion and sharp perception.”

And as the body wakes up, magic happens in the classroom. Just ask Lillah’s student Jeanne Kalogridis: “Lillah understood exactly what was causing the pain and has shown me the way to overcome it and the fear that so often accompanies chronic pain. She’s the most gifted yoga teacher I’ve ever worked with. She offers nothing less than knowing how to strengthen and heal one’s own body and mind, as well as how to maintain and expand that radiant health and inner peace.” And Lillah affirms, “Yoga develops in us the strength to grow and change, the ability to know when to let go and when to hold fast, and how to use our mind and our heart to craft a meaningful life.”

Through her popular DVDs, “Yoga: Your Freedom from Back Pain” and “Yoga: Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain,” Lillah brings the essence of alignment-based Yoga Wisdom home in a practical, safe and unique way. Recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil, Prevention Magazine and Yoga Journal, Booklist calls them “an excellent resource for beginning yoga enthusiasts.” Watch for Lillah’s upcoming book, The Yoga Workbook: How to Feel Good Every Day, which is set for publication in 2010.

In addition to her weekly classes, she offers yearly 200-hour and unique 500-hour Yoga Wisdom Teacher Training ™ programs and Life Transformation Programs. She also travels throughout the eastern and central U.S. offering her alignment-based Yoga Wisdom and therapeutic workshops at yoga studios and other venues.

For more about Yoga Wisdom Teacher Training ™, visit Lillah’s Asheville NC studio at YogawithLillah.com

“Lillah, you are the Light of Yoga in Asheville. Blessings for the compassion, courage, and knowledge you have brought to so many. It is an honor to be associates.”

—Eric Small, Iyengar Yoga instructor and author of Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis.