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Greetings all my Yogi friends … If you have not yet checked out the Bandhayoga books you will find a wealth of info here with fabulous illustrations. Enjoy!

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Combining Science and Yoga with Some Personal Reflections , Free E-Book by Dr. Ray Long

“So I began to analyze the positions of the major joints in the poses—the hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows, etc.  Once I understood the general form of the asana, I would shift my focus to the individual joints and the muscles that produced that form in the pose. For example, if the hips were extended, then I would intentionally engage the gluteals; if the elbows were straight then I contracted my triceps, and so on. This is key—focus on what the major joints and their muscles are doing and the asana will emerge. In a pose like Janu Sirsasana this might be as direct as engaging the quadriceps of the straight knee and the hamstrings of the bent one.”

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