Supported Shoulder Stand, Learn the Pose

teaches shoulder standShoulder stand is a pivotal pose for those who look to yoga for balanced health and vitality. Follow along with Lillah as she teaches potential students of her 500 hour Teacher Training course, the best way to do supported shoulder

Freedom from Back Pain

Here is a clip from the Freedom from Back Pain, DVD

This pose is called the Traction Twist.

It is a great relaxing stretch for the lower back.

For more yoga poses designed specifically for back pain, check out Lillah’s…

Good Posture with Yoga – Part 6

Here is the final video in the series, Improve Your Posture with Yoga.

For this one, find a doorway to stand in front of.

If there isn’t a good doorway around, you can use a friends arms.…

Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 5

Good posture is an important part of  healthy living.

Here is how to use the wall to your advantage with this standing forward bend over the leg. This is a challenging pose lengthening both your hamstring muscles and your outer …

Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 4

Here is part 4 in the series, how to create better posture with yoga.

Good posture can be elusive for many Americans as so many of our daily activities have us bending forward or “stooping over” in some fashion.…

Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 3

Pelvic Lift or Setu Bhanda Sarvangasana is an excellent single pose for those of us who spend time sitting…

This pose will help increase the length of your psoas muscle and releive back pain.

When performing this pose …

Improve your Posture with Yoga – Part 2

Belly Turning Pose

Belly Turning Pose

Use Belly Turning pose to help relieve tension in your kidneys and spinal muscles.
This will help you release stiffness and gain flexibility in your chest and shoulders. A wonderful warm up for the other poses in …

Improve Your Posture – Video Series-Part 1

Improve Youtr Posture

Improve Posture

Part 1 of Six Simple Poses to Improve Posture.

Siting long hours in chairs, driving in cars, stress and tension are some of the reasons there is so much poor posture today.

Lillah gives us 6 poses to …