Supported Shoulder Stand, Learn the Pose

teaches shoulder standShoulder stand is a pivotal pose for those who look to yoga for balanced health and vitality. Follow along with Lillah as she teaches potential students of her 500 hour Teacher Training course, the best way to do supported shoulder

Yoga Hips – One of my favorite subjects!

For some time now the articles and awareness that a woman’s hips are vulnerable to extreme stretches in yoga have caught my attention. Un-square your hips in Virabhadrasana 2…. watch this video.

It appears according to the New York Times

Reflections IAYT Conference Boston

medicalCaucus_95x155The Boston conference was buzzing with ideas exchanging back and forth on how yoga as therapy could interface with wellness clinics and hospitals in the US and the world. The presentations gave a reflection of how many areas yoga had …

Become a Yoga Teacher

Becoming a good yoga teacher begins with our practice. While on our yoga mats, we want to build awareness and learn to clear the channels, or Nadis. Using alignment and subtle action, we can create an experience of inner space …