Handling Busy Times the Yoga Way

As the season takes its turn once again, there always seems to be so much to do. My husband and I have some fruit trees, and this is harvest time so along with all my yoga practices, personal, teaching, being a studio owner, etc, I now have pounds of pears, tomatoes and apples to process in some way. Here is how the animals do it in Africa.


Like myself, many of my students are also showing the signs of stress, as the season  slows down a bit but our schedules have not! By looking to an integrated yoga practice that rightfully occurs both on and off the mat, I would like to share with you 3 steps toward balance that I find particularly helpful when managing my own ‘stress factors’.

1. Learn to focus – make the effort to train yourself to not be distracted.

Research has proven that multi-tasking is not really possible. Rather, we do our best to move quickly from one thing to another and call it multi-tasking. Although that may work some of the time, the overall effect is that we keep squirting out bits of adrenaline over and over, fatiguing our nervous system leading to more mental confusion and stress. So, if you have given yourself 30 minutes to eat lunch, practice just chewing and eating lunch. Practice doing only one thing at a time, without your mind wandering about, so you might move easily with focus, from one activity to another.

2. Renew/ Remember your connection to your spirit and “All That Is”.

Our ego is good at organizing and getting things done, yet not so good at keeping an eye on the big picture. How then do we train our ego to stop running us ragged? A student of mine saw a decal addressing this exactly. It was one of those ‘stop’ images in a red circle with a line though it, but it read “Ego Sit!”. How appropriate. Now that your ego is listening, turn your attention up between your eyebrows to your third eye and focus on the vastness of your Source. Feel the calm, silent embrace of unconditional love that surrounds you.

3. Remember to accept and surrender.

Patanjali’s yoga sutra is also based on 3 actions Tapas (devotion, zeal, effort), Svadhyaya (self-study: motivations, responses, payoffs) and Ishvarapranidhana (surrendering the fruits of our labors to the Divine). After we have made a plan, focused our attention, and made a commitment to do our best… it is time to let go and let God. We make a choice to recognize that the unfolding of Life, the evolution of ideas and consciousness is not all about us. Our ego can not control the outcome as hard as we try sometimes, it is not possible. Outcomes are really God’s business.

Speaking of outcomes and the fruits of labor, here is a funny clip that will help you laugh your way to feeling good, busy or not.

Thanks for reading. Namaste Lillah

This post was written by Lillah on September 3, 2010
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