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medicalCaucus_95x155The Boston conference was buzzing with ideas exchanging back and forth on how yoga as therapy could interface with wellness clinics and hospitals in the US and the world. The presentations gave a reflection of how many areas yoga had become the corner stone for improved health and well being thru the applications of the teachings and practices of yoga. Notable presentations were
 given by Dr. Loren Fishman on Yoga for Back Pain, Dr. Visant Lad on the medical benefits of Pranayama in Aruveda,  and Nischala Joy Devi speaking on healing relationships.
New standards for yoga therapy are just around the corner with a full day of the conference devoted to understanding the new competencies and how to implement them.
” At the Meeting of schools I was most impressed by the number of heartfelt hours that have gone into the development of the new yoga therapy standards, or competencies. With the list rather daunting, the meeting was well run with many small group discussions which honored the contribution of those present.
Many questions and guidance was given to the many small yoga schools like my own that would be able to fill only a portion of the competencies. Collaboration between schools was encouraged. The topic of grandfathering individual yoga therapists was tabled until after individual schools step forward, with all competencies to become “accredited” under the newly adopted standards.
One point that I was particularly pleased about was the definition of contact hours as something that happens in ‘real time’ between a teacher and student. This affirms the importance and authenticity of the transfer of understanding from one to the other.
It appears to me that care was given to allow for flexibility in how the competencies are met by individual schools, yet with a clear focus to bring the gift of yoga and its healing properties into medical hospitals and clinic settings. The vision I was left with was the projection that yoga therapy has the potential to remedy an ailing heath care system by bridging the gap between simple and effective self-care and current emergency management procedures.”
So there is much work to still be done as the individual yoga therapy schools like my own contribute to raising the level of yoga training to a new level of professionalism.
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