Speaking Out About Nuclear Power

Dear Blue Ridge Commission Members,

I am distressed by the prospect of the shipping of nuclear waist from Germany to Tennessee for processing.   Asheville is one of the proposed routes from Virginia Beach. Not only that , Our “new energy future ” proposed by Obama’s administration includes starting up the building of more nuclear power plants after a 30 year nuclear freeze.

In light of the continued meltdown of the Japanese nuclear plant after the tsunami, the almost same scenario after the mississippi flooded this past spring, and the “cracks” discovered and not yet discovered in the Virginia nuclear plant after the recent east coast earth quake, It is time we pay attention. Nuclear Power is not safe and remains a risk to civilization as we know it.

Have our elected officials been blinded by the nuclear industry?  Are you blinded?  It is a ‘no win’ situation, as not only does the cost of producing the uranium for a plant greater than the power the plant produces, there is still no way to satisfactorily handle the waste. The percentage that nuclear power contributes to our energy needs is I believe below 20%. Solar energy can easily make up that small percentage from daytime usage even with out storage. I know this as I have solar panels on my house that reduced our consumption by 33%!

Also, I am not interested in a tax surcharge on my electric bill to cover the costs of production and “clean up” as if satisfactory clean up was possible. If the people of Germany can choose to close down their nuclear plants, so can we. It is time for all of us to make our voices heard. Why have these meetings not been better publicized?

And we need alternative power options now.


Helpful links;

No nuclear waste in WNC!

Local non-profit creating awareness about nuclear waste and WNC

Did you know infant mortality rates were up by 35% in 5 major west coast cities 4 months after the nuclear accident started? Go ahead Google it. Fukushima – worst nuclear accident in history.

For great understandable information visit: Nuclear Information and Resource Service

For opportunities to give public input  two links:

Blue Ribbon Commission on Americas Nuclear future – many meetings in October – Make a comment Please! You can also simple copy and email my letter to them directly here: CommissionDFO@nuclear.energy.gov.

Send your Representatives an email through http://www.house.gov/   ‘Find your Representative’ , type in email , click go.

Thank you! – May all Beings be Happy… Safe and Healthy. Namaste, Lillah




This post was written by Lillah on September 16, 2011
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