Supported Shoulder Stand, Learn the Pose

teaches shoulder standShoulder stand is a pivotal pose for those who look to yoga for balanced health and vitality. Follow along with Lillah as she teaches potential students of her 500 hour Teacher Training course, the best way to do supported shoulder stand.

You can easily relieve fatigue and stress as well as get a wonderful endorphin bath!

During the Spring season, those troubled by allergy reactions will especially benefit from this pose as it will calm histamines. If you find your head has too much pressure in it already, start with simple hips on a bolster and legs up, known as Vipariti Karani. Then move to this supported pose starting with your knees bent. For more information on the benefits of this pose please go to  Enjoy!

You can learn the correct setup for this pose and its benefits by watching the video. It was filmed at in Seminole, FL.

You need a chair, a sticky mat, a bolster and maybe a blanket for your head.

Supported Shoulder Stand

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