Yoga: A Promise Among Unfulfilled Promises, by Aadil B. Palkhivala

The promise of the machine age was freedom. Freedom from a stresses of farming and milking, freedom from the bondage of cleaning and washing, freedom from walking and bicycling. The assurance of more time.

The promise of the computer age was even more free time. Computers will do everything, we were told. They will take care of all the details, so that we can have more time for ourselves, more time with family, more time to explore, more time to meditate.

Yet where has all of this free time gone? Do you have any? Our lives are more and more busy, more and more full, more and more tense. Alas, the promise has been, at least so far, a charade, a chimera, a sham. There will always be things to do which no machine or computer can, so only those of us who take the time to care for ourselves, will feel taken care of. The truth is that machines can not nurture us, only we can nurture ourselves.

The promises made to us where untrue and remain unfulfilled. We have neither more time nor more freedom. The lesson is that true promises cannot be made nor fulfilled by society, but others, by institutions, by governments. Rather, the true promise that leads to fulfillment can only come from us to ourselves.

Yoga has a time-tested methodology for fulfilling these promises to ourselves. The asanas fine-tune, restore and revitalized the body — the physical promise fulfilled. The pranayamas (breath work) refine, strengthen and calm the mind — the mental promise fulfilled. The meditations unveil and resolve the inner hidden feelings — the emotional promise fulfilled.

As the world becomes more complex it behooves us to take even more time out from the hectic tumult for quiet time, for our practice, for ourselves. The power to be well, the power to enjoy life, the power to be in a constant state of joyous fulfillment dwells within us.

When we have no time for yoga, that’s the time for yoga!

Aadil B. Palkhivala is the director of Yoga Centers in Bellevue, Washington, and provides ongoing training for yoga teachers nationwide at Yoga Centers. He holds a rare Advanced Iyengar Yoga Teachers Certificate, as well as degrees in law, physics, mathematics and clinical hypnotherapy.

This post was written by Lillah on August 5, 2009
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