Yoga and the Organic Body, Morning Leg/Back Warm Ups – Part 3

Knowing how to make your back feel good is great.

Try these two poses and see what happens.

In these exercises we are toning the whole front body to observe the release of the back body.

Pay careful attention to what she says about the knee in the beginning of the video. Our goal is to make the body feel better and eliminate any pain, not cause pain. Careful attention to proper instruction is important in yoga.

Yoga & the Organic Body, Morning Leg Warm up, Part 3

Tone both the neck and abdomen and observe the release of the neck and spine that comes from the law of  “reciprocal inhibition”  ie; the release of the antagonistic muscles.

Did you feel your back release?  Were you able to let go of tension and hardness in your kidneys?  Let me hear from you.

Namaste, Lillah

This post was written by Lillah on October 20, 2011
Posted Under: Morning Leg/Back Warm Ups

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