Yoga As a Healing Journey

DSCN2927feet circleI dont know why anyone contracts the illness they contract. Is it the mind, a function of or mis-function, holding on to some false belief?  Is it wounds from the past that have never been healed? Needs for love that were never fulfilled? Is it genetics – environment- destiny?  I for one am not privy to that information. However I have confidence that through the practices of yoga, developing inner awareness, self-awareness, a desire to know, and surrender to the Truth, the highest power we can conceive, will lead us to the peace of transformation.

The three steps, Tapas – desire and practice, svadhyaya – self study and wisdom studies, Ishvara-pranidyana – surrendering the fruits of our actions/thoughts to the Divine.  That thru the practices one can kindle their inner light, fan the fire of truth, and find their answers by finding their connection to their true self. My life experience and study has led me to know this to be true.

Blessings upon All Beings who suffer. May we all find peace.


Ps: You are invited to attend the 500 Hr Transformation Yoga Therapy Training I offer in 2013. You will be eligible for dual credentialing with Yoga Alliance and IAYT, International Association of Yoga Therapy.

This post was written by Lillah on April 7, 2013
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